Why Is My Car Battery Draining For No Reason?

Car batteries occasionally die for no reason and it might be a one-time thing. However, if your car battery continues dying, you will need to make sure that you identify the source of the problem. When a car battery continues to die, this might be a result of an underlying problem with your car itself.

Take Note of When Your Battery Dies

When you are referring to the battery often dying, it's important to consider whether the death of your battery occurs when your car has been sitting for an extended period of time or whether the battery dies while you are out on the road. If the latter occurs, the problem is most likely the result of your car having a problem with its charging system.

Check for Corrosion

The connections for your battery might be loose or corroded. This can lead to the battery discharging over time, and you might discover that your battery is dead when you attempt to start it one day. In some cases, the corrosion will not be obvious. However, you might see white, blue, or green discoloration. 

You are able to clean the corrosion off of your battery connectors with the right products. However, you'll want to be careful. For example, if you use baking soda, you won't want it to get inside the battery cells. Therefore, it's a better idea to have professionals clean and repair your batteries.

Check for Loose Connections

When the connections are loose, they will prevent your charging system from topping off the battery. When your car is functioning properly, the energy generated by the engine is able to replenish the battery to some extent. However, the connections must be tight and the cables must not be loose. 

Look for Drains on the Battery

There might be a parasitic drain on your system that you aren't aware of. Not only can headlights sap energy from your battery, but there may be other energy vampires you're not aware of. For example, an electronic might be slowly sapping your car of its battery. If this is the case, a technician might be able to identify the problem and correct it by using a multimeter to check the current flow. 

If you simply replace your car battery without correcting the underlying issue, each new battery will simply fail. Therefore, it's important to instead make sure that you find out what is causing your battery to fail in the first place by taking your car to an auto repair technician.

Contact an auto repair shop to learn more. 

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