Three Signs That Your Car May Need A Brake Replacement

If your brakes are squeaking, squealing or grinding, you likely already know that this is a sign that your brakes probably need to be replaced. However, sounds are not the only sign that your car gives you when your brakes are nearing the end of their lifespan. Here are three of the signs that your car may be in need of brake replacement

You Feel Vibrating or Shaking When Your Car is Coming to a Stop

One of the signs that is indicative of brake problems is feeling a vibrating or shaking when your car is coming to a stop. You may feel the shaking down by your feet or your steering wheel may actually be shaking. When your brake pads are worn, they may grind into your rotor. As the metal grinds, it creates a vibration, which is what you may be feeling. Most people assume that they would be able to hear the grinding, but this is not always the case. In some cases, you may feel it, but not hear it. 

You Have To Push Your Brake Pedal to the Floor to Stop

Another sign that your car may be in need of brake replacement is having to push your brake pedal all the way to the floor to stop. If your brake pushes to the floor, you have a soft or spongy brake pedal. This is typically an indication that your brake fluid is running low, but it can also be a symptom of brakes that need to be replaced. 

There is Puddle of Brake Fluid By Your Tire

The final sign that your car may be in need of brake replacement is seeing a puddle of brake fluid by your tire. The puddle is typically located under your car by the tire, so you may not see the puddle until you move your car. Brake fluid is usually a clear, yellow, light brown or gold-colored fluid. Brake fluid is also the only fluid that should be located near your tires, so if you see a puddle that lines up with the area near the inside of your tire, odds are, it is brake fluid. 

If your car is giving you any of these signs, or if you have a newer car with a brake indicator light that is illuminated, you should bring your car to an auto mechanic or brake repair shop. They can take a look at your brakes and determine if your brakes need to be replaced, or if there is something else going on with your brakes that may be causing the issues that you are noticing. Call your preferred mechanic or brake repair shop to schedule an appointment today. 

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