How To Tell If Your Truck Needs A Tune Up

Driving a truck for business or pleasure means that you are putting some amount of wear and tear on it. Whether you have a brand new truck or you have an older one, it's going to need to have a tune-up done every once in a while. To make sure that your car doesn't go far beyond the time it needs a tune-up and get even more damaged, there are a few signs that you should look out for. 

Look at the Manufacturers Recommendations

Most auto shops will go off of what the manufacturer recommends for tune-ups. For instance, some cars may require a tune-up after about 20,000 miles while others may go longer without having to have one. As long as your car isn't showing any additional signs of breaking or slowing down, you should be good to wait to have a tune-up done until your car meets this mileage amount. 

Bad Gas Mileage

Driving a big truck and hauling a lot of stuff isn't going to get you very far with your gas. In fact, you may only get 10 miles a gallon if you are hauling an exceptionally big load. Take a look at how often you normally have to fill up your tank and then asses how often you're having to fill it up right now. Are you having to fill up a lot more frequently? Poor gas mileage is one of the biggest indications that something is wrong with your truck and you need to take it in for a tune-up. If your car is having to do extra work to haul the same weight of a load, you are going to be paying more money in gas, but once you get it fixed you should be good to go. 

A Misfiring Engine

During a tune-up, your manufacturer may recommend that all of the tuck's spark plugs are changed to make sure the engine doesn't misfire at all. As you are approaching the time that you need to get a tune-up, you may be experiencing these signs which just means that you should have it done sooner rather than later. 

These are all good signs to be cognizant of as a truck owner. 

To learn more about truck repairs and getting a tune-up for your truck, reach out to an automotive shop near you that can help you with getting it repaired or getting a tune-up.

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